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About us

REHARTGROUP your specialist for wastewater technology, hydropower screws and water lifting screws, as well as high-quality wear protection. The foundation of REHART GmbH in 1983 by Klaus Schülein, who is still the managing partner, laid the foundation stone for the worldwide successful group of companies with its headquarters in southern Germany.
By integrating SCHREIBERTECHNOLOGY in 2014, the company group had considerably extended its portfolio in the wastewater technology sector. Our team will support you if you have any queries related to technical equipment or the refurbishment of a wastewater treatment plant. Our customers profit from our long-term experience in wear protection since we are able to equip the components optimally for the tough everyday working conditions in a wastewater treatment plant. In REHARTPOWER sector we deliver proven solutions for generating renewable energies by means of hydropower plants and for pumping liquids by Archimedean screw pumps.

Products and services

The screening washing station by SCHREIBERTECHNOLOGY provides for optimum washing, draining and a considerable volume reduction of the screening (up to 80%) – and thus reduces the disposal costs for you. To minimize the roller formation in the inlet sewer we deliver the right component – the double grid fine screen. Its optimum design and an installation angle of 40° are the perfect support for forming a screening carpet.
REHART is the company to contact when it comes to screws and perforated plates of the most diverse sizes and types. The screws are also used with Archimedean screw pumps and hydropower plants by REHARTPOWER. Sizes up to a length of 22 m and a diameter of 4 m are not a problem and are a reliable option to generate renewable energy when being used as a hydropower plant, e.g. also with the discharge of a wastewater treatment plant. REHART offers wear protection optimally adapted to the requirements for all components.
Screen washing station

Screen washing station

The screening washing station by SCHREIBERTECHNOLOGY provides for optimum washing, draining and a considerable volume reduction of the screening – and therefore also reduced disposal costs. It is directly fed via the wide hopper. During the milling process with a rotating and reversing screw the washable components are dissolved from the screening. Afterwards the residues are forwarded for drainage and compression and disposed of via the discharge pipe.

Totally enclosed screw pump

Totally enclosed screw pump

The totally enclosed screw pump by SCHREIBERTECHNOLOGY conveys wastewater and return water in a closed pipe. Due to its structure this does not require an elaborate concrete screw pump bed. The systems are ideal to retrofit existing pump shafts. The sophisticated structure and robust design guarantee a long service life and low maintenance effort.

Hydropower plant

Hydropower plant

With a hydropower plant by REHARTPOWER you can generate environment-friendly renewable energy. We offer different types, whereas the planning and construction of each plant is optimally adapted to the conditions on site. A hydropower plant can use the draining water of the discharge of a wastewater treatment plant for power generation. The power generated this way can be directly used in the wastewater treatment plant and thus noticeably reduce energy costs.


Rehart GmbH
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