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New WEHRLE technology for efficient wastewater treatment

The BIOSTREAM® reactor is an alternative to anaerobic bioreactors for operators that wish to avoid handling biogas or that require higher process stability and better effluent quality than anaerobic processes can offer. BIOSTREAM® technology offers an extremely efficient aerobic process.


• Treatment of highly loaded wastewaters

• Treatment of wastewaters with toxic contaminants

• Restricted space installations

• Treatment of foaming effluents

Characteristics and Advantages

• Smallest foot-print bioreactor in the world!

• High-performance bioreactor

• Low OPEX

• Energy-optimized O2 transfer rate (kg O2/kWh)

• Extremely low aeration requirement

• No foaming problems due to minimized “air to volume”-factor

• High process stability & robustness

• Simple construction

• Solid-state, zero maintenance jet aeration system

• Modular & flexible design

• Simple integration into existing systems

• High flexibility for changing loads

• Treatment of wastewaters with toxic contaminants

Exhibitor: WEHRLE Umwelt GmbH

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